Much Needed relaxation provided by Ministry on RUN

We all know that after incorporation of RUN Service (Reserve Unique Name), an applicant seeking reservation of name for a proposed Company or an Existing Company seeking to change its name has to apply for reservation through RUN Service only. This process seemed to be more on riskier side then on providing ease. The applicant had to be very cautious while choosing a single name as it was the only option and further no re-submissions were also allowed.


To curb this problem and as part of the Ministry’s commitment for continuous improvement of the process and to provide greater ease to the stakeholders, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has come up with much needed relaxation on Name Reservation.


As per the latest notification of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) from 24th March, 2018 onwards Two (2) proposed names and one (1) resubmission will be provided while reserving unique names for Companies through the RUN.


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