Trademark Class 30: Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Sugar, Rice, Tapioca, Sago, Artificial Coffee

Products and services are classified by according to specific categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be applied or registered under such specific class or classes as may be applicable. Herewith we are presenting an all inclusive guide to Class 30 of the Trademark Classification!

Trademark Class 30

Trademark Class 30 pertains to Coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee, Rice, Tapioca and sago, Flour and preparations made from cereals, Bread, pastries and confectionery, Edible ices, Sugar, honey, treacle, Yeast, baking-powder, Salt, Mustard, Vinegar, sauces [condiments], Spices, Ice.


Comprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 30.



Capers Allspice Custard
caramels [candy] almond confectionery dessert mousses [confectionery]
celery salt almond paste dough
cereal bars aniseed dressings for salad
cereal preparations aromatic preparations for food flaxseed for human consumption
cereal-based snack food artificial coffee frozen yoghurt [confectionery ices]
cheeseburgers [sandwiches] baking powder frozen yogurt [confectionery ices]
chewing gum* baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes] linseed for human consumption
chicory [coffee substitute] barley meal liquorice [confectionery]
chips [cereal products] bean meal lozenges [confectionery]
chocolate bee glue* macaroni
chocolate beverages with milk beer vinegar macaroons [pastry]
chocolate decorations for cakes bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes [baking soda] malt biscuits
chocolate mousses binding agents for edible ices malt extract for food
chocolate-based beverages binding agents for ice cream malt for human consumption
chocolate-coated nuts binding agents for ice cream [edible ices] maltose
chow-chow [condiment] biscuits / cookies marinades
chutneys [condiments] bread marzipan
cinnamon [spice] bread rolls mayonnaise
cloves [spice] breadcrumbs meal* flour*
cocoa buns meat gravies
cocoa beverages with milk cake dough / cake batter meat pies
cocoa-based beverages cake frosting [icing] meat tenderizers, for household purposes
coffee cake powder minced garlic [condiment]
coffee beverages with milk cakes mint for confectionery
coffee flavorings [flavourings] candy decorations for cakes molasses for food
coffee-based beverages candy* muesli
condiments pasta sauce mustard
confectionery / sugar confectionery pastilles [confectionery] mustard meal
confectionery for decorating Christmas trees pastries natural sweeteners
cooking salt pastry dough noodle-based prepared meals
corn flakes / maize flakes pâtés en croûte noodles
corn flour / corn meal / maize flour / maize meal peanut confectionery nutmegs
corn, milled / maize, milled pelmeni [dumplings stuffed with meat] oat flakes
corn, roasted / maize, roasted pepper oat-based food
couscous [semolina] peppermint sweets oatmeal
crackers peppers [seasonings] palm sugar
cream of tartar for culinary purposes pesto [sauce] pancakes
crushed oats petit-beurre biscuits pasta / farinaceous food pastes
curry [spice] petits fours [cakes] sandwiches
pies ravioli sauces [condiments]
pizzas relish [condiment] sausage binding materials
popcorn ribbon vermicelli sea water for cooking
potato flour* rice seasonings
powder for edible ices rice cakes seaweed [condiment]
powders for ice cream rice pudding semolina
pralines rice-based snack food sherbets [ices] / sorbets [ices]
preparations for stiffening whipped cream royal jelly* soya bean paste [condiment]
propolis* rusks soya flour
puddings saffron [seasoning] soya sauce
quiches sago spaghetti
spring rolls salt for preserving foodstuffs spices
unleavened bread star aniseed tea-based beverages
unroasted coffee starch for food thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs
vanilla [flavoring] [flavouring] stick liquorice [confectionery] tomato sauce
vanillin [vanilla substitute] sugar* tortillas
vareniki [stuffed dumplings] sushi turmeric*
vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes sweetmeats [candy] tarts
vermicelli [noodles] tabbouleh tea*
vinegar tacos wheat germ for human consumption
waffles tapioca yeast*
wheat flour tapioca flour*



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