Trademark Class 38: Telecommunication Services

Products and services are Classified by according to specific categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be applied or registered under such specific class or classes as may be applicable. Herewith we are presenting an all inclusive guide to Class 38 of the Trademark Classification!

Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38 pertains to Telecommunications

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Comprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 38.


  • Telecommunication services;
  • And rental, hire and leasing in connection with the aforesaid, included in the class and advice, consultancy and information for the aforesaid, include in the class.


A detailed list of goods classified under Trademark Class 38.


Rental of access time to global computer networks Providing internet chatrooms Telecommunications routing and junction services
Providing access to databases Message sending Teleconferencing services
Cable television broadcasting Rental of message sending apparatus Telegraph services
Communications by telegrams Rental of modems Telephone services
Communications by telephone News agencies / wire service Rental of telephones
Communications by cellular phones Providing online forums Television broadcasting
Communications by computer terminals Paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication] Telex services
Communications by fibre optic networks / communications by fiber optic networks Radio broadcasting Transmission of telegrams
Computer aided transmission of messages and images Radio communications Transmission of greeting cards online
Electronic mail Satellite transmission Transmission of digital files
Electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services] Streaming of data Providing user access to global computer networks
Facsimile transmission Rental of telecommunication equipment Videoconferencing services
Rental of facsimile apparatus Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services Voice mail services
Information about telecommunication Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network Wireless broadcasting

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