What is the procedure to cancel the registration under GST who mistakenly registered user GST and his annual turnover is below 20 lacs?

GST Law in India includes the provision regarding the suo-moto cancellation of the GST  Registration of any Entity, whereby the Adjudicating Officer suo-motto cancels the GST Registration of the Entities, who according to them, are registered erroneously or lacks the purpose for the same.

GST registration can be cancelled by using the forms below:

  • GST REG 16 – this form is to be used to apply for cancellation.
  • GST REG 17 – A proper officer can send the show cause / cancellation notice to a registered person using this form.
  • GST REG 18 – The concerned person must reply back in this form within 7 days of notice explaining why his/her registration should not be cancelled.
  • GST REG 20 – If the proper officer is satisfied with the explanation, he can use this form to drop the cancellation proceeding and pass a formal order.
  • GST REG 19 – This form will be used by the proper officer to issue a formal order for cancellation of registration. The order is to be sent within 30 days from the application date or from the date of response in GST REG 18 form.

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