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Dissolution of a partnership firm merely involves a change in the relation of partners; whereas the dissolution of firm amounts to a complete closure of the business. When any of the partners dies, retires or become insolvent but if the remaining partners still agree to continue the business of the partnership firm, then it is dissolution of partnership not the dissolution of firm. The process, known as dissolution of a partnership firm, involves the sale or disposal of all assets of the firm, final settlement of all of its liabilities, and the settling of the accounts. Any sum that remains in the business is then transferred to the partners in the profit-sharing ratio mentioned in the partnership feed. Hence, the dissolution of a partnership firm is the decision of all partners collectively to terminate the business agreement made between them. There are many ways in which a partnership firm can be dissolved. ebizfiling can help you wind up your Partnership Firm quickly and easily.

Few points to make your decision easy


  • By Court
  • Without intervention of Court

Compulsory Dissolution

  • Insolvency of all partners
  • Illegality of business

Voluntary Dissolution

  • By consent
  • By tenure mentioned in deed

Easy to Dissolve

  • No heavy legal formalities
  • Dissolution deed


  • Partners unlimitedly liable
  • Personal assets can be sold off

Other Ways of Dissolution

  • Conversion into company
  • Conversion into LLP

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Does the death of a partner dissolve the partnership firm?

Yes. The death of a partner automatically dissolves the partnership firm. It is however usual for the partnership deed to provide beforehand that the firm should continue in spite of death, retirement or insolvency of a partner. 

What is a partnership at will?

When the partnership deed does not contain any provision for the duration of the partnership nor conditions for the termination of partnership, it is a partnership at will.

What are the ways by which partnership can be dissolved?

A partnership firm can be dissolved in any of the following ways:

  1. By agreement.
  2. By compulsory dissolution.
  3. On the happenings of certain events.

What is dissolution of partnership by consent?

A partnership firm can be dissolved at any time if all the partners decide to dissolve it. This is known as dissolution by consent.

What is dissolution by agreement?

Partnership can be dissolved according to the contract between the partners. The partnership deed should contain the provision of dissolution. The consent of all the partners is not necessary.

When can a partnership firm be compulsorily dissolved?

A firm is compulsorily dissolved:

1. When all the partners are declared insolvent.

2. When all the partners but one as insolvent.

3. When the business becomes illegal due to changes in laws.

4. The firm is compulsorily dissolved even when the business is lawful but carrying it under the partnership becomes unlawful. For eg. License to carry on liquor business may be granted to individuals but the same may be unlawful if an association of persons or partnership carries it.

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