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Value added tax is an indirect tax levied on the sale of goods in India. Vat is multistage tax system having enacted provision for input tax credit paid at every stage that can be appropriated against VAT liability at later stage.  Therefore, VAT is ultimately borne by the consumer. Vat is collected and governed by state Governments. Each state has its own rules & rates for VAT based on goods manufactured or sold. Vat registration is mandatory for every person or business in India that has crossed turnover of Rs. 5 Lakhs (or Rs. 10 Lakhs in some states).

Despite state-specific implementations, VAT is divided in 4 parts - Nil rate,1% VAT rate, 4-5% rate & general rate 12.5 or 14 -15% . VAT return & VAT payment due dates differs state to state. Our professional team of experts at ebizfiling shall help you with seamless experience of complying with VAT payment as well as return filing requirements. 

Few points to make your decision easy

Exemptions in VAT

  • Upto INR 5 Lakh( 10 Lakhs in some states) of sales
  • On export of goods or sale to units in SEZ

Payment of VAT

  • Can be paid online
  • To be paid monthly or quarterly 

Return compliances

  • Monthly/quarterly/half yearly filing
  • Annual self-assessment filing

Non filing

  • Hefty late fees on non or late filing
  • Late fees vary from State to State 

Revision of return

  • Provision to revise an original return;
  • Due dates may varies from State to state


  • Simple administration
  • Administered by States

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Who needs to pay Value Added Tax VAT ?

VAT tax is to be paid by the seller of the goods. Therefore, it's the consumer who pays this indirect tax. The tax is collected by the seller of the goods and then pays the amount to the state government. Only those traders & manufactures selling the goods having turnover less than INR 5 Lakh ( Rs.10 Lakhs in some states) are exempt from collecting VAT.

How long does it take for a Value Added Tax VAT registration?

A VAT registration can be obtained within 10 to 15 days. At first, Provisional registration number is granted, within three to five working days. VAT department sent VAT official to visit place of business & verify all those relevant documents that were provided at time of registration of VAT. On the satisfaction of physical verification VAT department will confirm Provisional registration number as final & issue certificate for TIN registration.  

Do I need to register for Central Sales Tax along with VAT registration?

VAT is applicable on intra-state sale of goods, while Central Sales Tax (CST) applies to inter-state sale of goods. The application for CST Registration is also made simultaneously with the VAT Registration. You will receive both registrations simultaneously which save time.

How can I get benefit of VAT Composition Scheme?

Businesses with a turnover of between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 50 lakh can simplify VAT compliance by applying for the VAT Composition Scheme. By joining this scheme, they will pay a lower rate of tax, that is fixed, and file only quarterly, or, for some businesses, annual returns.

How and when are VAT tax payments to be made?

VAT payments can be made online or offline. Due date of VAT payment may also vary based on state to state. However payment of VAT thru online mode is very easy, convenient & saves times. It is also popular option among business entity.

I have filed an original retur but I have erroneously put some wrong figures of sales and purchases what should I do?

You don’t have to worry about the same. State Government allows a time limit of prescribed days to rectify all such genuine mistakes or omissions in filing original return. Kindly quickly get in touch with our team to get a rectified return.

When do I pay the government the tax I collect and file returns?

VAT is collected at every stage of production; Part of the amount you collect from your customers will be retained by you, while the remaining part will be paid to government via designated banks on a monthly basis. Returns must also be filed. The date and frequency differs with every state.

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